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Henna Supplies

The HENNA PLANT is a woody shrub that grows in dry regions and deserts of western and southern Asia and the Middle East. The henna plant, also known as Lawsonious inermis, has a naturally-occurring dye that has been used for thousands of years to dye hair and in some cultures adorn the body. Castle Art only imports 100% pure henna powders, nothing added. Also, our henna has no twigs or leaf pieces. Currently we import henna from India and Pakistan.

CASTLE ART carries the freshest henna powder. When the new crop of henna comes in the previous crop is sold at a discount so check out the sales. Rest assured you will always get fresh henna. We also carry all the materials needed for making the best henna paste. Our Essential oils are top quality.

Note: We offer wholesale pricing on Henna products and Jewelry, please email wholesale inquires to .