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CASTLE ART/ AMY WILDE has been importing henna since 1997. She also vends henna body art, moonstone & labradorite jewelry at fairs, festivals. Amy facilitates henna workshops at libraries, schools and  does henna body art at parties, picnics, proms and graduation. Amy also attends henna body art conventions  to keep up on trending henna designs and techniques. Amy  is ICNHA (International certification Natural Henna Arts) certified.

What is henna?

The HENNA PLANT is a woody shrub that grows in dry regions and deserts of western and southern Asia and the Middle East. The henna plant, also known as Lawsonious inermis, has a naturally-occurring dye that has been used for thousands of years to adorn the body and dye hair. Castle Art only imports 100% Body art quality henna powders. Also, our henna has no twigs or leaf pieces. Currently we import henna from India and Pakistan.

CASTLE ART carries the freshest henna powder. When the new crop of henna comes in the previous crop is sold at a discount for hair. So rest assured you will always get fresh henna. We also carry all the materials needed for making the best henna paste. Our Essential oils are top quality and we have excellent pattern books. We now carry cosmetic glitters which enhance the henna design while your clients have the henna paste on the  skin. Note to fellow Artist: We offer wholesale pricing, please email wholesale inquires to .

MOONSTONE & LABRADORITE : Castle Art also carries the most iridescent Moonstone & Labradorite Silver jewelry. No two stones are the same, please check back often to see what’s new. Moonstone has been called the travelers stone, to be used as protection during travel. It is also “the stone of new beginnings, connected to the moon and intuition”. “It is also said to both arouse tenderness within the self, and to bring happiness to the environment in which it resides.“ The Romans believed it was made with the light of the moon, and in India they believed that the shimmer was a benevolent spirit inside the stone that brought good luck. Labradorite: “It is said to represent the temple of the stars, assisting one in the sustaining and maintaining, while providing for the understanding of the destiny one has chosen.” This stone deflects negative, unwanted destructive energy and protects benevolent energy. Labradorite helps with timing and patience.

Henna for hire: Amy also facilitates Henna Body Art workshops at local libraries and International Certificationuniversities and can be hired for special events, proms, graduations corporate/company picnics applying henna body art or temporary tattoos. Please contact Amy for rates and availability. Please check the calendar to see where Castle Art will be next.