About Us

Castle Art– Castle art started as a small import shop in Green Bay WI. I found henna through internet searches to find unique things for the shop. I found henna and fell in love with it. I thought it was the coolest thing to be able to have Chemical free Hair dye. Plus  I found the use of henna in many other cultures fascinating. Many Cultures use Henna in religious ceremonies and celebrations to decorate and adorn.

As the years went on… I decided to carry jewelry. My two favorite stones are Moonstones & Labradorite. Metaphysically, Moonstone is the travelers stone, and Labradorite keeps negative energy away and helps with timing and patience. The stones have a natural iridescence that is magical and very eye catching. If you see me vending I will usually have henna, henna supplies and jewelry.

Castle Art is here for all of your Henna & Jewelry needs!